Groundwork Elizabeth MicroFarm

The Groundwork Elizabeth MicroFarm, located behind Elizabeth’s Elmora Branch Library, is a 3/4-acre facility that serves as an educational resource providing service-based learning opportunities for the surrounding community.

Show your support for youth development and healthy communities by becoming a sponsor of the Groundwork Elizabeth MicroFarm. Sponsorships can be arranged by contacting Groundwork Elizabeth’s Executive Director, Jonathan Phillips. Let’s Grow Together!

Groundwork Elizabeth MicroFarm welcomes visitors of all ages and capabilities to explore agriculture and engage in conservation education. Visitors are invited to explore the Groundwork Elizabeth MicroFarm via a recently completed handicap accessible trail and sit in the new outdoor classroom. 

Volunteers are invited to plant, weed and harvest in the Market Garden then explore a plant guild in the Fruit Orchard. Learn about bees and taste their bounty in the Bee Yard or enter the Gourd Hallway. Trial Beds explore new crops and track their viability in changing climates.

The MicroFarm hosts our Farm & Garden Adventures Program which advocates for the right of students of all ages to play, discover and interact in a safe, outdoor farm environment while learning how to garden, harvest and prepare foods they have grown.

The program includes activities that address the needs on our at-risk communities for healthy, locally grown, nutritious foods, as it engages nutritionally-challenged students in curriculum that promotes healthy eating and active lifestyles – directly counteracting the lack of physical activity, poor nutritional habits and lack of nutritional education that is prevalent in low income urban communities.

Jerry’s Greenhouse is named in honor Jerry Bryden, Groundwork Elizabeth’s Senior Farm and Garden Advisor.