We were thrilled to be able to host so many friends and honored guests back at the farm this year for our sixth annual Urban Farm Dinner. Thank you to everyone that contributed to making the special evening a success!

Guests strolled around and explored the Groundwork Elizabeth MicroFarm while enjoying cocktails and mocktails along with a variety of seasonal farm-fresh fare.

A select group of local chefs were instrumental in the evening’s unique outdoor dining experience which highlighted fall’s freshest ingredients, locally-sourced meats and produce picked from nearby farms, including our very own MicroFarm!

2022 Urban Farm Dinner featured Chefs

Abe Elkomey began his career as a chef in his hometown of Jersey City. His culinary career took him from hotels to fine-dining, local restaurants and, at twenty-three, he opened his first restaurant in Montclair, NJ. Abe’s inspiration and passion for creating come from a love of seasonal changes and the cultural use of spices and local ingredients. He continues to create new dishes and share them with his loved ones. @abelkomey
Chef English thrives off creating delicious meals that can live up to the uniqueness of his own name. Working as a Private Caterer, Culinary Instructor, Restaurant Menu Consultant & Curator Chef English believes that food has no limitations  He believes food needs a voice & that flavor is the sound. And there is absolutely nothing better than food that talks to you! @chefenglishcooks
Roberto Carnero is a graduate of the French Culinary Institute. He brings his Peruvian heritage and flavors to his latest ventures. He opened Little Tijuana alongside Dave Viana of Heirloom Kitchen, is the executive chef of Panela in Hoboken, and is soon to open Denizen in Kearny. @panelahoboken
AJ Sankofa is the Founder and Executive Chef of ESO Artisanal Pasta, a black-owned business founded during COVID-19. ESO Artisanal Pasta sells freshly made pastas and sauces that are flash frozen. Our concept is focused around bringing families together for an authentic Italian meal. @esopastamorristown
Nicole Walker began her career as a professional chef nearly 14 years ago working for several high-end catering companies in the NY/NJ metro area. In 2016, she went out on her own as personal chef combining her knowledge of nutritious eating and specialty diets with a mastery of global cuisines to create menus for all culinary preferences. She is now the owner of Love & Plates, a company that builds upon her vision for how a personal chef can make life easier for today’s modern families. loveandplates.com

Groundwork Elizabeth’s sixth annual Urban Farm Dinner was held on Saturday, October 29, 2022 at the Groundwork Elizabeth MicroFarm and Environmental Center located at 740 W. Grand St. next to the Elizabeth Public Library, Elmora Branch.

Proceeds from our annual Urban Farm Dinner support the Groundwork Elizabeth MicroFarm and Come Grow With Us! programming. Both of which are designed to:

  • Increase access to sustainable grown food while providing accompanying agricultural education to Elizabeth’s 29,000 school aged children.
  • Address a healthier and more equitable environment through the conservation, restoration, and mitigation of challenges to local ecosystems at urban sites in Elizabeth and throughout Union County
  • Build skills and uplift the lives of those from ages 14-24 through youth development programs
  • Develop green workforce careers

Learn more about Groundwork Elizabeth’s MicroFarm >