$50,000 – Root Sponsor for sustainable support

Provides support for the entire year for Groundwork programs in Urban Agriculture, Youth Initiatives, Green Infrastructure improvements, Open space restoration and conservation, Urban Water programming and Climate Safe Programming. Support includes programming at the Groundwork Elizabeth MicroFarm and Environmental Center.

Benefits include 5 minute sharing spot video posted on Groundwork website homepage, sponsor logo inclusion in all flyers, programs, regular social media posts, special prime recognition at the Annual Tour de Elizabeth, Urban Farm Dinner, and Annual Gala. Special volunteer days created for donor. Special signage at GWE MicroFarm and Environmental Center. Mention as a supporter in all media releases.

$25,000 – Water Sponsor to ensure growth

Helps Groundwork to grow over 15,000 seedlings, and supports a network of over 200 community gardens including our
two 50 bed community gardens at the Elizabeth Housing Authority or behind the Elmora Branch of the Elizabeth Public Library.

Benefits include acknowledgement on GWE website, inclusion in select flyers, programs, social media posts, selected recognition at the Tour de Elizabeth and Annual Gala. Special signage at MicroFarm or one project location. Mention 3 media releases.

$10,000 – Branch Sponsor to support youth programming and community outreach

Helps fund our Youth Initiatives, which include a Green Workforce Initiative, Mayor’s Youth Council program, and hands on Green Team. Pays for project costs for certain materials tied to specific programming.

Benefits include logo on Youth uniforms, acknowledgement in youth program info, select social media posts, banner at MicroFarm, select media releases, and recognition at Tour de Elizabeth.

$5,000 – White Oak Sponsor for operational support

Helps fund material needs for Urban Agriculture and Environmental restoration projects including soil, wood, tools, and
transportation for work in the community and at public lands.

Benefits include small banner at MicroFarm, recognition at Groundwork Elizabeth’s Annual Gala, on Groundwork Elizabeth’s website sponsor page and on specific social media posts.

$2,500 – Sugar Maple Sponsor

Helps provide general funds for Groundwork staff and Youth teams for working virtually to host online webinars to educate peers and community.

Benefits include recognition on website and social media, small banner at MicroFarm