The City of Elizabeth’s diverse urban community is threatened by climate issues such as heat islands, flooding, and poor air. We work with government, other public and private partners and the community at large to mitigate challenges in the neighborhoods in which we live and work.

We are continuing to build relationships to repair the damages from a changing climate and to develop systems which can prevent further degradation of urban lands and watersheds.

Featured Climate Resilience Program

Climate Safe Elizabeth

Is climate change affecting certain communities more than others? Which neighborhoods in Elizabeth, New Jersey are most at risk from extreme heat and flooding? What can residents and local government do to make sure their neighborhoods are safe and resilient to climate change?

As part of Groundwork USA’s Climate Safe Neighborhoods (CSN) partnership, Groundwork Elizabeth is working with residents and stakeholders to understand the relationship between the city’s history of housing segregation and the current and predicted impacts of climate change.

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Program Partners: Groundwork USA, Kresge Foundation, Bezos Earth Fund

Program Links & News

2022.08 – “Groundwork Elizabeth to Install Four New Micro-Forests in the City of Elizabeth Thanks to Grant from Bezos Foundation.” 

2022.05 – “Eight Groundwork Trusts Awarded Climate Preparedness and Land Restoration Grants to Advance Community-Centered Climate Resilience Projects.” 

2022.03 – “A Journey of a Million Steps: Celebrating the Climate Justice Journey in Elizabeth, NJ”

Current Climate Resilience Projects

  • MicroForests for MacroSolutions Project (est. 2022)
  • Elizabeth Clean Air Project (est. 2022)
  • Climate Safe Neighborhoods Task Force Project (est. 2019, launched Jan 2020)
  • Climate Preparedness and Land Restoration Initiative (est. 2022)