More P.E.A.S. (More Permaculture Education in Agricultural Systems)

MORE P.E.A.S. (Permaculture Education in Agricultural Systems) began with a grant from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.

The MORE P.E.A.S. initiative, promotes the three core tenets of permaculture: care for the earth (stewardship); care for people (social and cultural revitalization); and return of surplus (reinvestment and recycling). Importantly, Groundwork Elizabeth along with our governmental partners will work collaboratively with the private sector, faith-based organizations, community-based organizations, local educators and the community at large to undertake various projects that will result in better access to healthy foods, strategies to build sustainable agricultural systems, development of green-career opportunities, and quality of life improvements in socially and economically-challenged areas of the City of Elizabeth, the Township of Union, and other areas throughout the County of Union.

The P.E.A.S. initiative will provide for the following project outcomes:
• two Agricultural Demonstration and Learning Laboratories to serve school age students – one will be located at the Portuguese Hydroponic Greenhouse in the City of Elizabeth, and the other will be located at the Liberty Hall Farm at Kean University in Union Township;
• two fully irrigated community plot gardens (100 total raised 2′ x 10′ untreated pine beds) with edible urban forest gardens, located in the City of Elizabeth;
• a long-term permaculture plan that will include the 10 acre Liberty Hall Farm and 20 partner gardens;
• six mini Agricultural Demonstration and Learning Laboratories, in collaboration with Kean University’s new Michael Graves School of Architecture, featuring storage, shelter and gathering opportunities at six “Come Grow With Us” partner gardens in the City of Elizabeth;
• a website that will host an online video learning library demonstrating Best Management Practices that focus on Urban Agricultural goals; and
• a Farm & Garden Coordinator Position to manage the P.E.A.S Initiative.

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